September 22, 2017

In the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, America’s eastern seaboard is still reeling.  From New Jersey’s Seaside Heights to NYC’s Rockaway Beach, the battle of the beach rages onward.  Coastal homes and communities have been doing all they can come together to rebuild. more

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance has just opened an astounding exhibition that combines the efforts of artist Beth Perkins and local Rockaway youth to create beautifully crafted mosaics --from trash.  more

We love Amerigroup —and they love Beth Perkins. Beth loves us AND Amerigroup. Clearly, this is a pretty strong love-triangle; so what's Amerigroup's angle?  According to the company, they do all they can to "improve access to quality health care for our members while lowering costs for taxpayers," while setting up services for over 2 million people more