October 20, 2017

It was an exciting night for our group this past Saturday at the Dallas Society of Visual Communications 2013 Dallas Show Awards. more

For World Food Day last month, the World Food Programme showed us that we all have more to give than money: by watching a three minute film about Molly, a young Kenyan girl whose school lunches are donated by WFP, and answering three easy questions, you can donate one school meal to those in need,  more

In the ghostly glow of Halloween, we present to you a David Lynchian, bimonthly podcast for the town of Night Vale.  In this fictional desert town, ads are taken out for places like "the hole in the vacant lot out back of the Ralph’s."  The surreal ‘local news show’, created by New Yorker contributors Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink, beckons you to “Turn on your radio and hide.”  Night Vale is a desert town that, while fictional, remains eternally eerie more