November 19, 2012

Explore The Girl Effect


Education. Civil rights. Family planning. Marriage. By drawing attention to the way young girls across the globe respond to and are limited/aided/affected by these factors, the Girl Effect hopes to change the world.  It starts with a paradigm shift, and ends with a message of hope: we can better the world by focusing on and improving the condition of impoverished girls.  Another similar nonprofit called Puresa focuses on saving young girls and boys from sexual slavery and the horrors of human trafficking.  Be sure to check out their online store: there are some beautiful stocking stuffers to be had, and all profits go directly to freeing enslaved women and children.


As Maria Eitel, President of the Nike Foundation, astutely notes, "People think focusing on adolescent girls is something else --it's not. It's about including girls in everything. Climate change, food security. Everything."  Share this video with the women and girls in your life, and give thanks today (and every day) for all that we have —everything.