June 28, 2011

  • The Journal:

  • It Never Rains In California


I wish that was the case on the day of the Los Angeles marathon but not only did it rain, it poured. I was there to get some shots of a friend who was running for the first time and it was cold, windy and wet. I wrapped my digital camera in a plastic bag and hid under a canopy near the finish and proceeded to shoot away. Not always easy to get focused shots in the rain but I managed to get some pretty cool shots.







I was so impressed with the spirit of both the runners and all the volunteers who showed up to help. I saw smiles everywhere as the rain poured down and by the time I was finished shooting I was soaked to the bone. Nothing a soak in my pools jacuzzi couldnʼt remedy!!!







The Journal is a celluloid sketchbook of everyday moments experienced by photographer Bruce Hulse