October 29, 2012

Marfa: A West Texan Art Mecca


NPR has caught the fever —Marfa fever! In the past couple of years, this small southwest TX border-town has been getting a major influx of tourism.  A few folks are only there to see the Marfa lights, famous and mysterious lights that appear just around dusk, seemingly flying in extraterrestrial vessels —or so the stories go!  But, these days, most people make the trip to try out teepee/trailer park living at the stellar El Cosmico, while taking day trips to minimalist Donald Judd's repurposed army base —now a museum operated by the Chianti Foundation.


As NPR's Neda Ulaby notes, it isn't just the art: "in the past three years, The New York Times has run almost half a dozen features about Marfa —one solely on its handful of restaurants."  But, indeed, Marfa is a burgeoning art community, like some magical desert oasis of culture and thought, all inside a town of 2,000 folks.  Ever on the vanguard, our own Fredrik Brodén has travelled to Marfa many times since moving to Texas. His shots of many Marfa hot spots are the perfect visual backdrop to Ulaby's article, which can be found in full here.