August 20, 2010

The Neighborhood: Part II

A closeup and personal look at Rockaway Beach with words and pictures by Beth Perkins


"Most of my customers at Mr. Bait don't have boats in the marina yard. A lot of them don't even have cars and live in the nearby projects. They rely on the fruitful waters of the bay and ocean for food and for recreation. They are my "shore casters". Here is one that is a favorite."





"This is Ricky cleaning his just-caught Blackfish."





"There are a number of guys that come into my store and just hang out. This is Charlie; he's one of them. He always comes with a cigar."





At the bait shop I have a wall full of photos that I take of guys with their catches. This is Plummer. His last name is Allen and I don't know what his first name is since he's a retired plumber and has always been called Plummer. He has a boat at the marina and is a favorite customer. He told me that he was going to get on my photo wall soon and then came in with this fluke: a prize catch!"