October 31, 2012

Nightmarish News from Night Vale

Photo by Anton Nickel


In the ghostly glow of Halloween, we present to you a David Lynchian, bimonthly podcast for the town of Night Vale.  In this fictional desert town, ads are taken out for places like "the hole in the vacant lot out back of the Ralph’s."  The surreal ‘local news show’, created by New Yorker contributors Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink, beckons you to “Turn on your radio and hide.”  Night Vale is a desert town that, while fictional, remains eternally eerie; what we think makes it even more supernaturally spooky, however, is that this veritable ghost town is vaguely modeled after Cranor’s hometown of Mesquite, TX.



Night Vale Radio’s logo was created by Jeffrey Cranor’s good friend and our latest RR&Co. addition, Rob Wilson; in his ineffably unique way, Rob has combined the ominous and the charming to give a perfect representation of Night Vale Radio, and what they’re all about.


As a recent follower of their Twitter stated, “if you're not following @NightValeRadio and listening to their podcast your life is broken.”  And, truly, after updating myself on the mysterious town’s goings-on for the past four months, I’d have to agree.  Find out more about what makes this witty show work, download them, and be sure to subscribe!