July 18, 2016

Photographer Hiroyuki Ito


Last summer New York-based photographer Hiroyuki Ito set out on a five-week trip with his wife, traveling through Japan on a JR Pass. The passes are typically reserved for foreign tourists, making Ito and his wife ineligible, but a loophole that allows Japanese citizens who have a permanent residency in a foreign country to purchase the passes too. When Ito and his wife received U.S. green cards in June 2015, the JR Passes were the first thing they bought. In their first 18 days back in Japan they visited 26 cities.




"In the summer of 2015, my wife and I bought what are called JR Passes, tickets that let you ride as many trains across Japan as you want for weeks.The catch is that the pass is only available to foreign tourists who visit Japan temporarily. You are Japanese and want to see Japan? No discount for you!" 



While traveling, Hiroyuki was inspired to write his most recent book, Japan. It captures photographs of him rediscovering his home country. He shot his photos not as a native, but as a tourist, looking at Japan with fresh eyes. 



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