August 8, 2012

Pre Prix Fever



Haven't you heard? The 2012 US Grand Prix has released tickets and packages for sale! The esteemed Formula 1 event is slated to start this November —in our great state's capital, Austin TX! —but the rich and famous fans of the race are already buying out the private suites in the newest & nicest racing complex (still under construction), Austin's Circuit of the Americas.  But just because you won't be able to purchase your own private suite, Formula 1 fans can still vie for VIP Club access; of course, attendance requires the purchase of a "personal seat license" that starts at a cool $1,500, as well as season tickets.





If you're one of those lucky movers-and-shakers able to afford to go this year, get over to and make your reservation, FAST.  And, in the spirit of the Prix, let us present you with some of Fredrik&Tom's coverage of the 2008 inaugural Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix.











For more moving images of Singapore's speedsters, check out In the Heat of the Night, the first collaborative project from Fredrik Brodén —photos — and Tom Brown —book design; maybe this year in Austin they can collaborate for a part II?