March 15, 2010

Rockaway Beach Project

Beth Perkins loves her neighborhood. She and husband, Keone, live in Queens, on Rockaway Beach. Drawn away from Manhattan for the surf and the community feel of Rockaway, they had gotten into the habit of loaning out skateboards to the kids on their block. After finding one of their skateboards left damaged in the street, Beth decided to help the kids purchase their own and fill up some of their free days in the summer with photography. She bought a bunch of disposable cameras and had “photo days” with the kids. Beth printed the shots taken by the kids and had an exhibition of their work.



Teaming up with The Rockaway Waterfront Alliance helped turn the evening into a big success. People from Manhattan and all over the neighborhood came to the show. With the profits and donations that came in, every new photographer now has a skateboard of their own. And, Beth hasn’t found any new skateboards left in the street.







Recently, Beth began taking the kids to the local high school for swim classes and has plans for more “photo days” coming up.