August 21, 2012

On the Rockaway Waterfront



Rockaway Waterfront Alliance has just opened an astounding exhibition that combines the efforts of artist Beth Perkins and local Rockaway youth to create beautifully crafted mosaics --from trash. On this past Saturday, Beth and Renee attended the opening of the exhibit.  Oh, how this writer wishes she could have attended! It looks like it was a fantastic event.



All of the mosaics were masterfully crafted by young Rockaway boys and girls.  The project was part of a summer program for the kids in Rockaway —Beth taught the art portion, which effortlessly blends creativity with eco-minded conservation techniques.










In a recent NPR blog on artists Judith and Richard Lang, we see a West Coast angle on beach-borne “trash art.”  And as these artists create sculptural designs out of plastic washed up on the beaches of Point Reyes, California, our own Beth Perkins gives the art world her own slant on the marriage between beach clean-up and art.  These mosaics would seem ironically cynical, if not for the sincerity of their kid creators; in their hands, the mosaics become a cry of creative optimism --an assertion that we have the ability to affect change in our world.  Don't worry if you missed the show - it will be exhibited in January at the Queens Museum of Art.