February 15, 2013

thinkMoney and SPD


What's a "bespoken magazine?" A magazine tailored to its reader. It almost seems like a contradiction in terms; and yet, as digital media redefines the value of the printed word, it makes so much sense.  For your average consumer, buying a magazine subscription seems so 90's but for art appreciators and staunch lovers of the printed word, there will always be a market for printed magazines. As such, bespoken magazines have begun to occupy an increasingly important niche in our cultural conversation —so much so that the Society of Publication Designers has a series highlighting the best and brightest of the bespoken trend for their 48th Annual Awards.  


Our own Fredrik Brodén and Tom Brown have been working together for years, combining their excellent abilities to create standout works of art and design.  Blessed with immense creative freedom, Fredrik and Tom make the most out of their combined creative vision and their collaborative efforts have more than paid off.  


Enter thinkMoney, the most widely circulated magazine of its kind. We invite you to click through and sample the unique visuals on which Fredrik and Tom have collaborated, compliments of SPD online, where thinkMoney publisher and editorial director Kevin Lund gives us the skinny on this trader's magazine with an impressively strong creative voice.