August 15, 2012

We Love Amerigroup



We love Amerigroup —and they love Beth Perkins. Beth loves us AND Amerigroup. Clearly, this is a pretty strong love-triangle; so what's Amerigroup's angle?  According to the company, they do all they can to "improve access to quality health care for our members while lowering costs for taxpayers," while setting up services for over 2 million people, nationwide.  A publicly traded Fortune 500 company, Amerigroup was one of Forbes' 2011 Most Admired Companies.  Regardless of preexisting conditions, age, gender, ethnicity, Amerigroup accepts Medicaid and Medicare recipients, as well as children covered by CHIP. For more information, go to



Our favorite New York photographer, Beth Perkins, has gone all over the country to document the people who benefit from Amerigroup's programs.  She's taken portraits in NYC, New Orleans, Austin, Jacksonville, and several other locations to capture the the true focus of Amerigroup: the people; her work has been summarized as “vital, revealing, and compelling” by Pat Buckley of P.S. Buckley Communications.  Share some of this vitality, as photographed by Beth Perkins.