June 27, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

Animals make memorable images. Just think of the 17,000 year-old Lascaux cave paintings of horses, the exquisitely rendered birds of John James Audubon or the hilarious poker-playing dogs by C.M. Coolidge. For a recent American Lawyer magazine cover story on “lone wolf attorneys” Fredrik Broden has tapped the animal kingdom for a powerful photo-portrait of Canis lupus wearing a business suit.


Finding a wolf with the right expression wasn’t easy but according to Broden “The biggest challenge was the size of the mounted wolf—which was very small. We had to tailor the suit to fit an entirely out of proportion animal. But we finally got it to look right with a minimal amount of retouching.”


This isn’t Broden’s first photograph using our feathered and furry friends as this playful and provocative mini-portfolio shows. Some of his subjects were stuffed, some were very much alive. All made memorable images.