October 20, 2017


There is no shortage of talent under the RR&Co. umbrella and Motion is no exception with award-winning video series, delightful animations and simply cool video productions. Representing Directors, Cinematographers and Animators, our agency reel speaks for itself with productions for Oxford American, Dell and Footlocker among others. The video series, So Lost --directed and filmed by Dave Anderson --  was the winner of the National Magazine Award for Video.

Our Motion Artists: 

Dave Anderson

Fredrik Broden

Rob Wilson

Brian Cronin

See their work below:

In keeping with this week's book theme, check out another delightful installment for Oxford American's SoLost series by filmmaker Dave Anderson. In it, Dave brings us the story of Craig Jensen, one of the world's greatest living bookmakers. more

Nearly 40 percent of children in Cambodia are chronically malnourished; one of the highest rates in Asia. Heifer International's INCOME project is helping thousands of families by empowering women who are struggling to support their families alone. more

In A Black Church's Dilemma: Preserve a Building, or Our Integrity, director and filmmaker Dave Anderson captures the story of the Centennial Baptist Church, a National Historic Landmark built in the 1800s by two former slaves that has fallen into serious disrepair. 


Winner of the first annual International Motion Art Awards for an animated clip, illustrator Brian Cronin is at it again with another wonderful animation.  more