October 20, 2017



RR&Co. represents a group of uniquely talented, award-winning commercial photographers encompassing a wide range of styles including: Conceptual Photography, Advertising Photography, Portrait Photography and Travel Photography. Our work has graced the pages and covers of publications and books for companies such as Random House, Hearst, Time Inc. and campaigns for clients such as Bank of America, Nike and J.C. Penney. With 23 years experience in representing photographers for custom work, we also offer an expansive Library of stock images that we license to clients all over the world.  

Our Photographers (click of the name to see their work)

Fredrik Broden

"Fredrik's deceptively simple photographs are infused with subtle humor and surprise. He creates powerful, memorable images with a graceful, light touch." -Luke Hayman, Pentagram Design.

Dave Anderson

"Dave Anderson is one of the shooting stars of the American photo scene" fotoMAGZIN

Ann Elliott Cutting 

"Ann Cutting's  imagination creates crisp new worlds. Her ideas are bright and fun and she brings them to life with light, color, setting and teeny, tiny details." -Dena Verdesca, Designer at O, The Oprah magazine.

Bruce Hulse

"Bruce Hulse's passion for life and dedication to his craft has always been an inspiration for top photographers, editors, and stylists." -Jim Moore, creative director of GQ.

Henrik Olund

"Henrik gives you more than just a pretty picture--which he can do in spades.  He's a true collaborator who understands objectives, and then does everything he can to surpass them.  He brings intelligence and thoughtfulness to the process and beauty to the work."  Amy Pofahl, AGENCYSACKS

Hugh Kretschmer

Beth Perkins

"Beth knows the moment when the light is perfect, when the energy of her subject is focused, and everything is somehow exquisitely arranged within the frame, resulting not in just a pretty picture, but some kind of emotional truth." -Ronn Campisi, Pulitzer Prize winning designer. 


Ann Stratton

"To work with Ann [Stratton] was both a pleasure and a learning experience. She is truly a professional, gifted with an artist's eye for composition and color. Her taste is refined. She is an experienced perfectionist when it comes to attention to detail. Her personal style is to be soft-spoken and patient and easily the affable manager of the team at the photo shoot. I am so proud to have the results of our collaboration represented in my book." Ricky Lauren, Author of The Hamptons Food, Family and History




New in Harvard Business Review shot by Fredrik Broden more

Fredrik Broden shot the recent cover and feature in Palm Springs Life Magazine for the August 2016 edition.  Dive in and take a look! more

Last summer New York-based photographer Hiroyuki Ito set out on a five-week trip with his wife, traveling through Japan on a JR Pass. The passes are typically reserved for foreign tourists, making Ito and his wife ineligible, but a loophole that allows Japanese citizens who have a permanent residency in a foreign country to purchase the passes too. more

The most comprehensive presentation of sports photography ever organized is presented in the upcoming exhibit at The Brooklyn  Museum opening July 15th. Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the Present.