September 18, 2012

Covering Design


Rob Brinkley has called Rob Wilson’s work “instantly relatable and utterly original."  Veritably, he’s not lying.  In fact, Wilson’s Addy Award winning poster for Kitchen Dog Theatre’s “Ruth” has landed the effusively talented illustrator the cover of the Design Annual edition of Communication Arts! How’s that for original?



As you can see, two featured images grace the magazine’s cover --what you don’t see is that 4,396 entries were received, from which a total of 186 images were chosen.  Rob’s Ruth has the elevated honor of being the singular image to represent the entire Design Annual.  What a way to welcome himself into the family, wouldn’t you say? But we’ve known about Rob’s talent for ages: finally out on his own as an artist, it is our honor to represent him; his good-natured demeanor is matched by truly outrageous skills. As Ken Knight has observed, "Rob Wilson has an uncommon talent for grasping an editorial challenge and executing a visual translation with wit, strength of focus, and a touch of charm." Indeed it is this kind of power that nabbed Rob the cover of the year, as far as it goes for illustrators.  Congratulations, Rob Wilson!