May 17, 2012

Designers, Meet DSVC

The Dallas Society of Visual Communications, better known as DSVC, is holding its 44th annual awards show the evening of June the 2nd. Since its creation in 1957, the DSVC has worked to raise the standards of the communications industry, both by focusing on the creative artists that fuel design, and the way we come to understand design in the creative field.


In this, the first year that Renee Rhyner & Co. artists have submitted to join the DSVC's annual show, 15 pieces have been accepted! This is a truly massive achievement, and we couldn't be more excited for June to come! Check out a few of the TEN of Tom Brown of TBA+D submissions that will be on display.


Photogrpahy by Fredrik Broden








Also in the show are F&T's "The Songbird Society" posters Fredrik Broden's Bloomberg Businessweek cover and his video "Debut" and Dave's SoLost video series, 


Be sure to pop by the DSVC website  , and wish our stellar team luck on June 2nd!