October 12, 2010

Major League

It’s mid-October and time for the baseball playoffs. And time for some history too. On October 6, 2010, Philadelphia Phillies pitching ace Roy Halladay entered the record books with his post-season no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds. And just three weeks earlier a well-preserved copy of the entire television broadcast of the deciding game of the 1960 World Series was discovered in the wine cellar of Bing Crosby’s San Francisco home.


This is the stuff that makes the sport eternally fascinating and what keeps Major League Baseball Productions hopping. The award-winning television and video production division of Major League Baseball produces original programming—including the venerable This Week in Baseball—as well as preserving the sport’s history in an archive that houses more than 100,000 hours of material.


On assignment for American Way magazine photographer Beth Perkins visited the Secaucus, New Jersey based archive to see where Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech, footage of Babe Ruth’s famous called shot—and now, the Crosby footage—is kept and cared for.