June 29, 2012

Making Room

Clarion Hotel Stockholm is giving away rooms in exchange for art. You read that correctly: room for art. Inspired by the Chelsea Hotel in NYC, which had its walls adorned with work that were also the starving artist's payment. One of these artists was the grandfather of Clarion Hotel's general manager; the idea, pure and wonderful in its simplicity, is this: one artwork, one room, one night. Tess Mattisson, public relations manager for The Clarion states: "[His grandfather] actually had some of his work hanging in the Chelsea Hotel, and now that their hotel has closed down, the manager was so inspired that our hotel will continue the tradition." Starting as of June 8th, this policy goes into effect. The only conditions upon the work is that they must be signed, in A4 format and submitted upon arrival together with a form that you download on their site. Anything that fits on a piece of paper will be accepted - that means poems, song lyrics, drawings, and even scribbles. Submit your masterpiece and book your stay at: www.clarionstockholm.com/room-for-art. We think that Fredrik, our Stockholm ex-resident should have his own suite!