March 12, 2010

Opening, Soon

We like to collect great looking photography and illustration. Frame it. And show it off on our walls. Now you can too. Coming in Spring 2010, Renee Rhyner & Co. will be offering up a select number of limited edition posters from photographers Fredrik Brodén, Beth Perkins, Stephen Karlisch and Bruce Hulse as well as vintage images from Double Takes and The Mazziotta Collection. Illustrators Juliette Borda and Brian Cronin, as well as TBA+D, have also contributed work to the soon to open print shop.


First up: Fredrik Brodén's famed photograph for James Frey's infamous book "A Million Little Pieces". Included on Chip Kidd's list, "My Favorite Book Covers of the Decade", he tells Newsweek, "What, you say? How could I?! Easily: the cover is the single aspect of the book to survive its humiliations with dignity intact. The design works whether or not the story is true--we see that someone's life has exploded, and in a way he never expected."


Print available now. Contact for more information.