July 12, 2013

Tom Brown Leads the Inc. Magazine Redesign


Redesigning an entire magazine is an ambitious effort; doing so within the confines of a 3-month timeline, herculean but that is exactly what the design team at Inc. Magazine did under the direction of our own Tom Brown. The result is nothing short of impressive.



Creative Director, Blake Taylor tells SPD the look they were going for was a "magazine within a magazine" with more sidebars and infographics. 



Tom's idea of "visiting fonts" (using one specific font for the basic navigation of each issue) is a fantastic way to brand each issue and keep things "visually interesting." 



Readers will also see an increase of the use of photography in each issue which will be keeping Photo Director, Travis Ruse and his team very busy but yields inarguably impactful layouts.



Congratulations to Tom and the entire team at Inc. on a job well done. We can't wait to see more! 


(All images via SPD.org)