With artists located across the globe, it is no secret that Renee Rhyner & Co. represents a beyond gifted group of illustrators. No two artists are the same when it comes to the designs produced by RR&Co’s finest illustrators. Work ranges from fashion sketches, hand-stitched figure renderings, humorous cartoon-like images, animated digital pieces, abstract collages, and so much more. Our illustrators also utilize a multitude of different mediums– from classics like marker, paint, and watercolor to more revolutionary options like digital ink and needle and thread. From these unique styles and mediums, Renee Rhyner’s artists excel in both editorial
illustration and commercial illustration, creating works of art that tell stories, convey brand messaging, and attract the eyes of many. The artists with RR & Company are always working with big name brands on incredible projects, keeping their work fresh and topical. The variety of content they produce, as well as the diversity of styles created by each artist, is sure to please, and creates a fabulous portfolio of RR & Co – represented art.

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