Fashion Stylists

The versatility of Renee Rhyner & Company’s stylist bracket is unmatched. These artists are located primarily in Dallas and New York, bringing ideas and inspiration from across the country to each project. RR&Co is proud to represent prop stylists who can make any product shoot run smoothly. These artists easily make any product look spectacular, perfectly setting the scene to tell a story and accomplish the goal of the project. Their eyes for table settings, food styling, and other commercial pictures are remarkable. In addition, our fashion stylists assist on a wide variety of editorial ventures. They also work more consistently in big name studios, particularly with Looklet styling. Whether they are styling a human being or a mannequin, our fashion stylists can make anyone look beautiful and any piece of clothing or jewelry stand out as a must-have. Our hair and makeup artists create a wide range of looks, from rosy natural glow and wavy locks to more artistic and whimsical styles. Having experience with top designers, photographers, and brands, our stylists are some of the best in the business and are proud to bring their local, national, and international expertise to your shoot. All our stylists are always up-to-date with the latest trends, most creative ideas, and hardworking attitudes. With fashion, prop, hair, makeup, food, and assistant stylists being represented, Renee Rhyner and Co. is proud to offer the time and talent of one or multiple artists for your project.

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