Stylists and Production

Production at RR&Co can look like a wide variety of things, from stylists, assistant stylists, seamstresses, hairdressers, and makeup artists to location scouts, production assistants, and creative directors. Prop and fashion stylists alike can take simple items—from blush or sequins to plated food and intricate drinkware—and make them into something beautiful. Without the prop styling of our artists, photographers would not be able to excel in commercial, food, or conceptual photography. And our fashion stylists can elevate any outfit to tie an editorial shot together and please a client. Our production artists are well-versed in their industries, prepared for any project, request, or problem that may arise. They strive to bring creative ideas, professionalism, and flexibility to each project, proving their expertise and talent. They also utilize their knack for tasteful design and desire to cultivate good relationships (both on set and off) to make any interaction one to remember. They want to share their talents and resources with each client they work with, ensuring that each project can and will be taken to the next level. From coast to coast, especially in New York City and Dallas, Texas, our production artists showcase their gifts for a wide array of clients. Whether it be styling a mannequin for a fashion website or going along to photoshoots to make sure everything runs smoothly, the individuals we represent are sure to make any project a success.

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